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Le Dutch Design séduit toujours
Une équipe solide, du flair et de la chance : le cocktail gagnant de Piet Boon, designer néerlandais.

Piet Boon © PB Studio
Caribbean  Beach Residence © PB Studio
Caribbean  Beach Residence © PB Studio
Park Avenue south luxury penthouse © PB Studio
The Jane Antwerp © PB Studio
The Jane Antwerp © PB Studio
Founded by designer Piet Boon in 1983, the studio that bears his name has become a world reference in residential and hospitality, blending constructional design, interior and product design skills. The company is renowned for its focus on functionality, comfort, aesthetics, individuality and durability of the exterior and complete interior they create. He shares with Pluris his experience and dreams.

Pluris – You have developed an incredibly successful company. What is your recipe of success?

Piet Boon – I would say three things. First, stay true to your principles as it creates a recognizable design signature and builds a strong identity. Second create a strong professional team, which shares your passion. And finally I would say… luck. We made our international jump after a client in New York discovered our first book at Corso Como 10 in Milan. It was not planned at all. Later this year we will publish our fifth book; who knows which door it might open…
Piet Boon © PB Studio

Piet Boon

What is unique about your approach?

We started as a construction company and are therefore very much concern about the feasibility and durability of what we design. Two of our oldest mantra’s are: ‘We don’t design what we can’t build’ and: ‘Design is not just to look at but to use!’ The uniqueness in our approach lies in the synergy between our divisions and the decades of working together. From 1986 the Architectural Design and Interior & Styling divisions have worked in perfect harmony, which explains why we were able to become specialists in total concepts. We can almost read each other’s minds and the communication within the team is brilliant.

What has been your approach in building such a broad offerings (design, interior, collection, collaborations, books, etc.)?

These capabilities have grown in a perfect organic way and therefore at the right time. The fact that we started out as a building company and a high-end workshop for made-to-measure furniture can explain why we have accumulated such knowledge and experience in different fields. The development of Piet Boon Collection, our own furniture line, was the almost natural result of our wish to create our own pieces with very strict quality and design principles. The beauty of the concept is that it fits perfectly with every style and atmosphere.
Caribbean Beach Residence © PB Studio
Caribbean Beach Residence by PB Studio

To what extent do you take into account local site, environment and culture?

Wherever we work we look at local building methods and materials. On Bonaire, in the Dutch Caribbean, we’ve used local coral for the walls and even cut in small round shapes for the bathroom. It has such a great texture, colour and it is cheap! One important thing is that we do not try to integrate all local constraints when we do the design. In New York for instance we had no idea of all the codes and rules, which allowed us to think out of the box. We found in a second step ways to make our design respect these constraints. Ultimately we were more creative than local designers.

Original, Beach, Luxury, Small places… What do you not do?

Currently we are very much involved in major residential and hospitality projects all over the world, including for instance the US, Kuala Lumpur, Saudi Arabia and in The Netherlands of course. We loved designing a chalet in the French Alps for instance. And I did not do a plane! Falker came to us for a project but it never materialized. There are a million rules but there is a lot that can be done!
The Jane Antwerp © PB Studio
The Jane Antwerp by PB Studio

What would be your dream project?

We are living our dream! Last year our studio was appointed to do the complete redecoration of Park Hyatt Tokyo, one of the most iconic hotels imaginable. It just started and it will last five to six years.
Crédits photo : PB Studio
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