More than meets the eye
Seven offbeat creations that turned heads and challenged perceptions at Now! Le Off, an exhibition devoted to young designers during Paris Design Week.

Sophie Colin
News | 25 sept.
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Emilie Ramain has managed to land on her feet. After a skateboarding accident, she got an idea for a witty, eye-catching seating concept. Retaining the truck and the wheels, she replaced the board with a sanded wooden log (“bûche” in French). Available in walnut, beech, yew, cherry and plum, each Bûcheboard is handmade and one-of-a-kind. The collection comprises large sizes for adults and smaller formats for children, plus a special customized model. In the planning stages: a series of Bûcheboards illustrated by artists.

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Büro Allemand

Céline Buffetrille studied design and jewelry creation; Philip Götze is a visual artist. She’s French; he’s German. Their two worlds unite in Büro Allemand, a furniture workshop whose pieces are part design and part sculpture. The Russian Constructivist movement and practical experience in Uzbekistan inspired this project, which they built like an architectural mockup. 100% handmade except for the welding, all of their pieces are named after Soviet architects. Made of walnut veneer MDF and polyurethane-lacquered steel, the Melnikow, Wesnin and Ginsburg models can be adapted for special orders.

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Hand Made Ici

Hand Made Ici is a collective of artisans and designers who see the world in yellow, offering an endless summer with their “Lemon Rooftop” outdoor collection. Their mojito bar is a temptingly clever portable bar with all the ingredients to make stirring up round after round of cocktails a real pleasure. A little music wafting from the graphic speaker cabinet and the project’s collective, unifying spirit — its ultimate aim — comes through loud and clear.

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At first glance, the chairs by Ricardo Graham Ferreira, a.k.a. OEbanista, resemble string instruments. Even upon closer inspection, we nearly expect to hear a few notes emanate from the backrest. Brazilian-born and trained in France and Italy, this creative, original cabinetmaker unites traditional woodworking techniques with a flair for contemporary lines. Building around a carefully-conceived axis, with balance maintained by the three legs that hold up the seat, he uses tightly stretched cords to create the backrest. The contrast of materials, alternation of full and empty space and interplay of vertical lines in wood and cord are both intriguing and esthetically successful.
In a similar vein, his superb sofa is an openwork medley of taut minimalist lines.

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Pierre-Louis Gerlier

« The Chaise Renversée » est une commande faite à Pierre-Louis Gerlier d’un bureau nomade dont on se servirait de temps en temps et qui n’encombrerait pas l’espace. Eureka ! En deux temps trois mouvements, le bureau se renverse et devient une chaise longue où le corps se déplie bien calé dans son compartiment de bois. Même version côté jardin : la table en aluminium se transforme en banquette pour faire la sieste au soleil en quelques secondes. Le tout dans un style sobre et contemporain.

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Olga De Sign

Russian-born Olga De Sign loves spatial design. So she launched three jellyfish into space: three glass ceiling lamps with adjustable height and a light source as ingenious as it is spectacular, changing color from blue to pink, green and red. A remote control modulates the brightness to create a soft, soothing mood or an electrifying atmosphere as the individual lights in the three “Medusas” blink rapidly off and on — instant nightclub! Karl, Clara and Clarinette can also be put into motion, rising slowly and dropping down in a flash. Intelligent, fun, eye-pleasing design!

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Stéphane Mouflette

His work leaves no one indifferent. Stéphane Mouflette’s creations instantly propel the user into an ingenious, amusing and yet very serious world, full of color, child-like wonder and gadgetry. The first impression is that it will take time to find the key to understanding this abstract, daring realm, the product of a mind in constant frenetic activity. This cabinetmaker and artist focuses on the mechanical. His lamps are otherworldly, convoluted constructions. His tables are an interplay of forms, materials and colors. He also finds inspiration in liturgical and spiritual objects. And everything that passes through his hands seems to be skillfully, painstakingly conceived and tested.


The 2015 Rado Star Prize France

The famous watchmaker Rado took time to spotlight design during Paris Design Week. This year the Rado Star Prize judges panel, presided by Now! Le Off sponsor Constance Guisset and including Lidewij Edelkoort, presented the award to two radically different designers: Aurélie Hoegy for her fabric “Dancers” and Jules Levasseur for “S,” a table and a bench made of bent corrugated sheet metal. An eloquent homage to material and movement.

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