Elen Pouhaer
Recommandation | 4 oct.

5 iconic objects revisited
How to remain ultra modern with fabulously retro esthetics.

Vintage is everywhere!
Vintage is ever-present in day-to-day life and is constantly reinventing codes to keep its essential force. Contemporary design takes inspiration from vintage, iconic items are edited again in their original version or through revisited editions. Vintage esthetics are today a symbol of good craftsmanship, permanence, refinement and authenticity.
 © DR

Alpha 100 and Omega 100, by Elipson

Founded in 1938, legendary Elipson brand invented two turn tables combining vinyl and Bluetooth for the first time.
Available in October 2015, starting from 269 €.


 © DR

M Monochrom, by Leica

This new digital camera is derived from the Leica M-P. It incorporates a 24 Mpx full frame CMOS sensor and only takes photos in black and white. Provides the same visual experience as with a film camera.
Starting from 7 250 €.


 © DR

Gramophone, by Restoration Hardware

Deriving from the principle of the gramophone invented by Thomas Edison, this gramophone for iPhone or iPad has a metal horn which boosts its volume to four times.
Starting from 199 €.

 Restoration Hardware

 © DR

New Retro, by De Grisogono

The Swiss Company founded in 1993 by Fawaz Gruosi offers an exceptional watch combining a great technical achievement and a design inspired by the 50s .
Starting from 14 100 €.

 De Grisogono

Montblanc M

This writing instrument, created by famous designer Marc Newson, adopts a pure, organic and innovative design, and provides a unique multi sensory writing experience.
Starting from 350 €.


Crédits photo : DR
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