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Recommandation | 9 oct.

Big Toys
Watch, car or pets: 5 excessive objects you'll find impossible to sell.

Vacheron Constantin just released the most complicated watch ever made: a big toy available upon order which took 8 years to be realised. From the biggest diamond in the world to papamobile, from unusual pets such as tigers to the most expensive horse on earth, we focus on these inaccessible objects and animals.
 © DR

The most complicated watch ever made: Reference 57260 by Vacheron Constantin

The latest invention by Vacheron Constantin is a breakthrough technical feat for Fine Watchmaking and a mathematical challenge worth a few milllions Euros !

The Reference 57260, available upon order, will make you the happiest owner of the most complicated watch on earth. A wholly original creation which weighs 1 kg, and is framed by the sleek, perfectly proportioned lines of a white gold case. With a total of 2 800 components, 57 complications, some of which are unique, including multiple calendars and a double retrograde split-seconds chronograph, the Reference 57260 watch represents 8 years of work by 3 dedicated watchmakers; in addition, the watch has a fully integrated alarm with its own gong and gradual striking and includes a silent alarm position; it has time measurement functions, and a three-shaft tourbillon ; in a function integrated into this brand new Vacheron Constantin model, the second time zone is displayed in 12-hour format on a small dial separated from the main dial, plus twenty-four-city display for each time zone, a multiple seasonal calendar with astronomic scale, both ingenious and precise. Seasons, equinoxes, solstices and signs of the Zodiac are indicated by the hand on the sun.

All sorts of elements which make of its happy owner a Master of the Universe.

par Sophie Colin
 © DR

The most eccentric pets imaginable: Mike Tyson's tigers

Mike Tyson has always been fond of carrier pidgeons but he happened to own much more stunning pets. In the 1990s, the famous boxer adopted three tigers, two white female tigers, Kenya and Storm, and a golden male tiger, Brian. These animals are said to have cost him nearly 300 000 dollars. Not to forget the monthly 4 000 dollars necessary to feed them, take care of them and look after them ! When he went bankrupt in the early 2000s, he had to part with them and they ended up in a refuge, as many other common pets do.


The most expensive horse on earth: The Green Monkey

The Green Monkey had never taken part in a horse race when it was sold 16 millions dollars in 2006. A world record price for a 2 years horse, but a fiasco on racecourses : it never won any race because of an injury which ended up its career after three competitions. Since then, the stallion was successful in renewing its offspring: its daughter Kinz Funky Monkey won several races in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

 © DR

The biggest diamond on Earth: The Golden Jubilee

The Golden Jubilee diamond is a fancy yellow-brown diamond, of unknown clarity grade, and having a unique cut. Weighing 545.67 carats, making it the largest faceted diamond in the world, the Golden Jubilee diamond was discovered in the year 1985, in the De Beers Premier diamond mines of Transvaal, South Africa. Brought to Thailand by the Thai Diamond Manufacturers Association for a special exhibit in the Thai Board of Investment Exhibition in Laem Chabang, the diamond was selected for the prestigious honor of heralding De Beer’s centennial celebrations, which were held in 1988. The diamond was then presented to King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand in honor of his 50th coronation anniversary. He changed its name from “Unnamed Brown” to “The Golden Jubilee Diamond.” The government of Thailand originally reported the newly acquired stone as a large golden topaz, in order to prevent Thai citizens from becoming upset over the expense. As the nation had been in financial straits for some time before the diamond’s acquisition, there was concern that news of the expenditure would cause the government’s popularity to drop. Today, the Golden Jubilee Diamond remains in the Royal Thai Palace, where it is part of the Crown Jewels.

 © DR

The most famous car in the world : the papamobile

For his recent trip to the US, Pope François stayed true to himself: he drove to Washington in a simple Fiat 500 L. A sober choice, which corresponds to his state of mind and also to a return to roots. The first historical « papamobile », dating back to 1929, was a Fiat 525. Before this date, the supreme pontiff circulated in a coach and horses. In fact, he could not go very far: he was confined toVatican because of a litigation with the Italian governement. Since 1929, car models suceeded one another, from Fiat to Ferrari, and from Citroën to Seat. But the victory belongs to Mercedes-Benz, the brand with which Vatican collaborated the most. Papamobiles have changed, security was reinforced, but the licence number is still the same: SCV 1 (standing for « Stato della Città del Vaticano », or State of the City of Vatican).

Crédits photo : DR
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