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Building time
The Vintage 1945 watch, created by Girard-Perregaux, pays tribute to Le Corbusier,
bringing two artistic domains together: fine watchmaking and architecture.

 © FLC - ProLitteris
Girard-Perregaux payed a high tribute to one of the best architects of the 20th century when engraving Le Corbusier's Modulor and its anthropometric measurements on the concrete dial of the new Vintage 1945 watch.
The brand brought two artistic domains together: fine watchmaking and architecture. Today, the new Vintage 1945 case reflects one of the most famous pages in architecture history.
As an heir to Renaissance, Le Corbusier placed Man at the centre of the universe. In an attempt to discover mathematical proportions in the human body and morphology, he sought to introduce a scale of visual measures and conceived space organization based on ideal proportions.
« With the Modulor, representing a stylized human figure with one arm raised,
he invented a system of harmonious proportions based on the golden number
and then used the Modulor scale in the design of many buildings »
as explained by Frédéric Migayrou and Olivier Cinqualbre, both curators of exhibition Le Corbusier, Mesures de l’homme, which was presented at Centre Pompidou in Paris last spring.
 © FLC - ProLitteris
This representation of Man as a unity of measure defines his height as he stands (183 cm) and his forearm measurement (43 cm), the distance between his navel and the top of his head (140 cm), and between his navel and his feet (113 cm), the length of his legs (6 cm). From these measurements are deduced clearance (226 cm), a table height (70 cm) or that of a chair (113 cm).
 © Girard-Perregaux
The balance of perfect proportions and exact volumes is to be found in the watch design and graphism, it is even highlighted by the concrete dial.
The pattern takes again the Modulor figure, standing, arms raised, as well as « the average ideal measurements of the human body, according to Le Corbusier, and the lines allowing to adjust the proportions of architectural creations which stand around a human being », according to Stefano Macaluso, Product Development Director at Girard-Perregaux.
Le Corbusier used these tools to build famous Unité d’Habitation that the French government ordered to him in the 1950s for the town of Marseilles, in order to find a solution to lack of accomodation.
« Cité radieuse is the most accomplished example of Le Corbusier's architectural conception. It synthetizes all the watch concept around light, plasticity and proportions », Stefano Macaluso concludes.

 © FLC - ProLitteris
Crédits photo : Girard-Perregaux, FLC -ProLitteris, FLC - ProLitteris
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