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Concrete, 21th century innovative material
Concrete changes its long time reputation of poor material and is now considered number one by big names of modern architecture.

Both strong and reliable, the new generation of concrete allowed the construction of buildings beyond imagination thus far, such as the last unaccomplished undertaking by Le Corbusier, Saint-Pierre de Firminy's Church, opened in 2006. Multiple innovations now enable the conception of new architectural masterpieces with a complex and unrivalled beauty.
Representative achievements
 © Médiathèque Lafarge - Photographe : Philippe Ruault
 © Médiathèque Lafarge - E. Jae-Seong -
The Seonyu footbridge
Designed by Rudy Ricciotti, the Seonyu footbridge in Seoul, South Korea, has a sleek arch of 120m range which lies on a 3cm-thick Ductal® stand. This fiber concrete, provided by Lafarge, allows to obtain the same solidity, using far less material than ordinary concrete. It is an unprecedented architectural and technological achievement.

 ©  Iwan Baan
 © Helene Binet
 © Helene Binet
 © Helene Binet
In Montpellier, the glass and concrete masterpiece created by Zaha Hadid brings together the regional archives, the multimedia library and the sports agency. Its futuristic front was built through joining a multitude of prefab concrete pieces together.

 © Tadao Ando
Teatrino of Palazzo Grassi
On the Naoshima island, known for its many contemporary art museums, between 1992 and 2010, Tadao Ando built a series of buildings using concrete, his favourite material, and giving priority to a simplicity in volumes and forms. In 2013, he built the amazing Teatrino of Palazzo Grassi-Punta della Dogana in Venice, with a very smooth and shiny concrete variety.

 © Lisa Ricciotti
 © Lisa Ricciotti
 ©  Lisa Ricciotti
 ©  Lisa Ricciotti –
 © Lisa Ricciotti
With this museum dedicated to the cultures of the Mediterranean in Marseilles, Rudy Ricciotti built a spectacular masterpiece, choosing the same innovative concrete that was used for the construction of the Seoul footbridge or the Pont du Diable on the Hérault River.

Crédits photo : Tadao Ando, Médiathèque Lafarge - Photographe : Philippe Ruault, Médiathèque Lafarge - Photographe Jae-Seong.E -, Médiathèque Lafarge - E. Jae-Seong -, Lisa Ricciotti –, Lisa Ricciotti, Iwan Baan, Helene Binet
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