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News | 20 janvier

5 French startups to follow in 2016
Awarded, dubbed by specialists or already well financed a Pluris selction of startups that will make news this year.

5 startups to follow in 2016 © DR
Some have been recently awarded others have been dubbed by the specialists of their sector or heavily financed by recognized investors. All are innovating and will be bought to unstable the balance of their markets. Selection of five startups who have recently distinguished themselves and will gather attention in 2016.

10-wines, The Nespresso machine for wine that conquered the United States.

The young company of Nantes has been elected the best startup by CES of Las Vegas, the largest high tech salon in the World. Their machine D-Vine allows to savour a glass of wine at the best temperature and aired conditions. Functioning with a flagon of 10cl and equipped with a RFID puce, this connected sommelier also allows the user to obtain information on the savoured wine. The startup has raised 2,5 million euros since it’s creation in 2012 and has already sold 220 machines (499€) via their internet site. After the immense craze sparked in CES, 2016 promises to be a vintage year. Abroad at least, as in France they will have to conquer the scepticism of wine lovers.

10-vins french startup © DR

SlimPay, flash growth fintech.

It’s the firm with the largest growth in France. Between 2011 and 2014 the turnover has bounded to 4068%, which places them at the top of the barometer Deloitte Fast 50. This fintech created in 2009 commercialize a solution for automatic debit destined for enterprises who need to repeatedly bill their clients (every month for example). They have notably convinced EDF, SFR, Mediapart or Deezer. The society employs 60 people and has raised 15 million euros last summer to become international. In line of sight is the United States where this market does not exist as yet.


Studapart,the end of hard times for student lodgings.

Launched a little more than a year ago, Studapart propose a platform SaaS to Higher Education Institutions marking how to allow students management of lodging all through their studies. The startup employs 10 people and has already seduced around 60 establishments, amongst those Epita, Skema and Audencia. They closed last week on a fundraising of 700 00 euros in order to attack the European market and develop an offer for proprietors.


Dayuse, 5-7 hotel use an approved business model.

As the manager of Hotel Amour in Paris David Lebée has broken through the concept: rent hotel rooms for the day. Now, the internet site that he founded in 2010 realizes a volume of 10 million euros of global income in thirteen countries with 2000 partner hotels rating from 2 star to 5 star, proposing their rooms at reduced rates of 30 to 80%. He explains ”In average we help a hotel business to regain up to 10% of their turnover that they have lost because of Airbnb”. The startup who has raised 15 million euros this week for a first time financing a European record since the beginning of 2015, now aim for Asia and South America.


Cellectis, biotech star of the Bourse.

Having known an increase of 130% in the title value, Cellectis is the great winner of year 2015 in the biotechnology sector. Last November, the genetic treatment of this startup specializing in immunotherapies has allowed to cure for the first time a case of leukaemia, a revolution in the medical world. Certain analysts now value it around 1.5 billion euros, notably invoking an interest from the American giant Pfizer, who already hold 10% of the company. Prudence more or less as a bubble is forming in the sector and we know how volatile these biotechnology enterprises can be.

Crédits photo : DR
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