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The Delivery War
Have dinner delivered has never been easier. It is also a juicy market that transforms towns into battlefields. Small geostrategy of food delivery.

The Delivery War © DR
Less than two years ago, three enterprises shared the orders for the home delivery market, plus multiple pizza and sushis deliveries. Alloresto, leader in the market founded in 1998 grouped offers from restaurants by the thousands taking in charge the delivery to the client. Their competitors were Chronoresto using the same model, and Resto-in, where professional deliverers recuperated the orders in the partner restaurants.
But nowadays, all that is in the past! In a few months, a wave of startups has swept over France with innovated delivery services inspired by concepts that have already proved themselves in New York and England also in Belgium. The two most symbolic actors of this new generation are TakeEat Easy and Delivroo well decided to dethrone the “old ones” from Alloresto. Started in Brussels in 2013, TakeEatEasy debarked in Paris October 2014 with a delivery service copied on the Uber method: freelance messengers on bikes whose every trip is managed by the enterprise and not the restaurants.
The Delivery War © DR
Identical concept with Deliveroo, arriving on the French market in April 2015. This English startup with a vertiginous expansion wants to take on TakeEatEasy. Who will succeed? Difficult to say as prices and services resemble: delivery costs 2.50€ and the partner restaurants are more or less trendy addresses (top scale burgers, vegetarian restaurants, salad bars etc.) The average waits to receive one’s meal is half an hour and the deliverers are geo located. Deliveroo deliver from restaurants within a radius of 4 kms against 3 kms maximum for their rival, but TakeEatEasy work with more partner restaurants. German Foodora, latest arrival, try to create a place, with a pre-ordered solution for a quicker delivery.

Niche Delivery’s

Behind these great three, a multitude of enterprises throw themselves into the adventure, trying to occupy a niche market hoping to keep it preserved. Les Petites Casseroles offers delivery services ordered in advance for those capable of anticipating their menus. On their side, MiamTag specialises in delivering aperitifs, breakfast and even units of products (beers, olives, baguettes, etc). Cookin’theWorld delivers meals in a kit that is to say a basket containing all the necessary ingredients to cook delicious dishes.
The Delivery War © DR
Another concept: non existing restaurant. This very fashionable model consists of having a meal prepared by a chef who works directly for the enterprise who deliveres, and not from an independent restaurant. It’s the model Frichti, Le Zeste, Foodchéri and again PopChef, who have debauched chefs just for themselves. Deliverers wait for the orders near the kitchen instead of going to a selected restaurant chosen by the client. The advantage; rapidity of delivery in not even 15mins.

An Exploding Market

If the market for meal deliveries attracts so many, it’s the perspective of enlargement that is so promising. The French market is estimated at 1billion euros from here to three years; and following the Rocket Internet Group, who have massively invested in several startups in meal delivery, the sector will weigh 90 billion euros in Europe from now to ten years.
Experiences abroad proves that the system is in place and the love the French have for “la cuisine” leaves hope for a success over the next years. As the example Blablacar AirBnb ou Uber, all it needs is a mode effect so the that French will then convert to the “magic” application.
The Delivery War © DR
Perspectives are such that Amazon and Uber cast longing glances on this market. Uber started this autumn UberEATS who deliver meals in less than ten minutes, condition being to order them in advance in a partner restaurant, who embark them in several driver’s car trunks during the morning. The deliverer then disposes of a ready meal in their car trunk even before the order has been placed. Other side of the medal; choice is limited to four or five dishes. But on the question of delivery delay, UberEATS hope to be unbeatable.
AirBnB have inspired other initiatives. Several applications propose to savour meals “cooked by the neighbours”, as PlatMaison.fr, or MenuNextDoor who are readying to arrive in France after a great success in Belgium. Vizeat push the concept even further; each amateur chef can propose places at their table choosing their prices.
AirBnB propose to transform their apartment into an hotel for an evening in turn the dining room transforms into a restaurant.
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