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3 New ways to buy art
Forget galleries and auctions: Nowadays, art is bought at home and with a click.

Neither a gallery, nor an auction house: These are the two fundamental rules of three new concepts to buy works of art. Their promise: To make the purchase of art at home or online easier, to provide optimal and flexible conditions including worldwide delivery, and to listen to clients. One basic concept, different outcomes.

Molin Corvo Gallery – the concept of Wednesday’s art risotto.

Roberta Molin Corvo’s guests are warmly welcomed in her appatment. Every Wednesday from 7h30 pm on, she invites between 8 and 10 people to show the works of the seven artists she is in charge of and those of several guest artists. Paintings, photos, sculptures and installations are exposed in over 60sqm, in a building facing the Paris school of Beaux Arts.

The guests of the lively Italian who describes herself as being “happy when surrounded by creators” are collectors, journalists or architects and many of them work in the fashion or in the luxury industries. Those whom Roberta has reunited around a risotto dish are mostly trendy, and everyone is passionate about art. The debate is lively. Nobody is forced to buy. But the temptation is big. Even if the average price is between 4000 and 7000€, certain artworks can be bought at 300€.

You can also visit Roberta's be making a prior appointment. She organizes exhibitions which go beyond ‘her’ seven artists because she believes that “artists work better and are more interesting when they have a project”. She also works in Milano where she accompanies artists in their process of creation. On Wednesdays, in the privacy of her apartment, talent is in the air. The spot is far more elitist than traditional galleries.

Artistics – artistic emotion within a click

“You are just a click away from your next artistic emotion.” Artistics is an online art gallery founded by Sonia Rameau and it brings together the two passions she has been pursuing for more than 15 years: The internet and sculpture. In order to make the ‘click’ appealing, the characteristic of her website is to present art as close as possible to reality in spite of the screen. Thus the site also features videos which show the artist at work in his workshop and explaining his working process. The visual approach is complementary to biographical information. The site goes even further as sculptures are presented in a 360-degree view thanks to a quite advanced technology developed by Artistics.

The site is bilingual and gathers 900 works of 30 artists: There are paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and ceramics at an average price of 2500€. Clients can visit the artist’s workshop if they want to see the art piece before buying it. After the sale, clients from Europe can benefit from a system of ‘be satisfied or get a refund’ within 15 days. Artistic’s online customer services is available day and night to maintain a maximum of proximity with its clients.

Paddle8 – the of bidding on your mobile or tablet

What is a client of Paddle8 searching for? “To have an easy online experience and an e-commerce transaction which is just as simple as buying shoes.” It’s a winning bet for the online platform specialized in art and luxury goods auctions. Shareholders from the technology and art businesses and 120 people working in New York, Los Angeles and London run Paddle8 whose 500 000 clients come from 90 different countries.

Each month a sale of contemporary art is organised and lasts 15 days. The price range goes from $5000 to $100 000. A sale with more modest prices from $500 to $5000 takes place twice a month. Photos, lithographies, paintings, videos, and art objects coming from collectors or galleries are on offer. Only a few sculptures can be found. After focusing on new comers in the beginning, Paddle8 now specializes in more established artists such as Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons.

In order to subscribe to an auction, customers only have to open an account by providing their name, address, phone number and credit card number. Placing a bid is possible within 3 minutes via tablet or mobile phone, and the confirmation happens within one click. The international, nomad clients have to be available at a given point in time to place their maximum bid. Up until this price they are potential winners, and once their maximum amount is reached they must be online to raise their limit.

For the sake of confidentiality neither the buyer’s or seller’s identity nor the auction results are published. Concerning the potential competition Paddle8 has with traditional auction houses, it is sufficient to note that Sotheby’s and Christie’s have withdrawn from certain markets such as the sale of artworks at $5 000.
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