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Big nose, small paws
A portrait of Mix&Remix, also known as Philippe Becquelin, the swiss cartoonist who seduces the francophone press

Mix & Remix : simplified spelling © DR
Mix & Remix : simplified spelling
“Overall satisfied” – that’s what Mix & Remix alias Philippe Becquelin answers when you ask him how he feels today. “Maybe a little lonely at my drawing board” , as he explains on the telephone calling from his home in Lausanne. “But I need solitude to concentrate” . At the age of 58 years, he is quite busy: As we speak to him on the phone he is preparing his weekly collection of six drawings plus the cover page of Matin Dimanche, a swiss journal with a run of 250000 copies. “I have a certain popularity” , he admits with all modesty. “Many people got to know me for my drawings for the Infrarouge show but my cooperation with Matin Dimanche widens my audience, my work becomes visible for the ordinary people.”
Mix&Remix has found his niche as an artist quite recently. After a traditional training in fine art in Lausanne he “half-heartedly” starts to paint together with his wife “because I had been drawing since my childhood and I just had to continue.” Their pseudonym: Mix & Remix, the name “which I have kept, and which has not grown old” . In the eighties, “a time where rock still is a way to stand out” , he draws for the Dolce Vita Club, a myth in Lausanne. “I worked as a storekeeper. Life was tough and I made two posters per week to make my ends meet.”
Mix & Remix : locked France © DR
Mix & Remix : locked France
Together with the writer Frédéric Pajak he founds the weekly satirical newspaper L’Eternité “and I realize that I am quite at ease with cartoons” . He finds a new job at the cathedral of Lausanne. “I saw the advertisement. The task was to announce the tome from 10pm to 2am, according to a tradition which has been upheld since the Middle Ages. It’s a very particular job, you are perched up there, I had taken my TV with me, my Nintendo console, and I had visitors. I stayed for ten years.”
However, in the daytime, Philippe Becquelin is at his drawing board because it’s the beginning of a cooperation between Mix&Remix and the Swiss newsmagazine L’Hebdo which will last for 15 years, until 2013. Even if they react to current events his refined designs are sufficiently quirky to be timeless. His little guys with their big nowses and small paws soon conquer the francophone press (Siné mensuel, Lire, Pèlerin Magazine, Courrier international, la Revue des deux mondes, etc.)
Is Mix&Remix a workaholic? “I work between four and five hours per day. The biggest challenge is to have an idea. But this has never been my problem, I’ve never been scared of the blank sheet. By the way, for Infrarouge I produce up to twelve drawings per night. Don’t ask me where my inspiration comes from – I don’t know!” When it comes to the question of personal projects, given his big success, the cartoonist laughs: “I really like drawing on demand, and after all, I wouldn’t fit into my schedule.” Then he adds: “I’m working on a book with Dargaud, my job is to illustrate the biographies of inventors.” Dead-line is in October. “This comes on top of my usual workload, and I have barely started to work on it.”
The magic of carnival explained to migrants © DR
The magic of carnival explained to migrants
Crédits photo : DR
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