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Cheers to the one who can find a perfect definition of street art. From the streets to the walls of galleries or even museums, this constantly evolving artistic trend is certainly the most powerful of the 21st century. Popular and spectacular, its impact is global, its visibility is huge and its forms are multiple.
Acrylic, ink, aerosol, stencils, collages, sculptures or light painting… Even though institutionalized, street art offers a multitude of visual universes and innovative creation techniques, like a free open-air museum.
A journey through the best spots of the capital.

 13th arrondissemente

A pioneer in the field, the 13th arrondissement’s city hall – in partnership with the “Itinerrance” gallery – has developed since 2010 a street art journey project throughout the district. Shepard Fairey aka OBEY, C215, Vhils, Babs, Seth, Rero... A total of 19 frescos can be found there, gathering 16 artists of 10 different nationalities.
 © Paris la douce

 The Oberkampf wall

In the heart of the 11th Parisian arrondissement, the “M.U.R.” (Modulatable, Urban, Reactive) borrows its format and ritual to commercial advertising. The association regularly offers artists to use a board located at the corner of St Maur street and Oberkampf street.
 © Association le M.U.R.

 Belleville neighborhood

The Oberkampf, République and Belleville neighborhoods form together the golden triangle of urban art in Paris. But one must take the right paths. The best example is the Dénoyez street: a real open-air canvas filled with site-specific pieces and working painters, day and night. The only problem is that the street may soon lose of its charm because of an urban project launched by the arrondissement’s city hall which plans to build a nursery and social housing between the 18 and the 26bis of the street, where artists workshop currently stand.
 © bandmeeting-cyrille.blogspot.fr

 Forum-wall Rosa Parks, Aubervilliers street

Facing the 104, major spot for artistic creation and production, the “Mur-Forum” Rosa Parks was inaugurated last 19th of December at the opening of the new RER station named after the iconic figure of the American civil rights movement. Below, a fresco by Kashink, the French street artist wearing a mustache. She advocates a militant painting about taboo topics such as equality between men and women, homosexuality, religion…
 © Véronique Drougard

 The “Petite Ceinture” (Little Belt)

Antiquated, dark and mysterious, this old railroad surrounding Paris remains a unique place to discover the joys of urban exploration, also known as urbex, or to see some street artists in action.
 © Greg 007 – Panoramio.com

 The Ourcq canal

With JR’s 2013 Inside Out operation, the 2012 graffiti cathedral and the 2014 “De l’Art à L’Ourcq” project, the Ourcq canal became an unavoidable spot for urban art. Like a long ribbon, street art pieces spread on over 10km of banks, from the Stalingrad rotunda in the 19th arrondissement to Aulnay-sous-Bois.
 © Association le M.U.R.

 Pigalle’s basket-ball court

Stuck between two buildings of the Duperré street, this playground reminding of Piet Mondrian’s compositions is a pure masterpiece dedicated to the practice of basket-ball. Stéphane Ashpool, founder of the clothing brand Pigalle, was the instigator of this brilliant renovation, in partnership with Nike.
 © Sebastien Michelini & Kevin Couliau

 Lek, Sowat & DEM 189 at the “Palais de Tokyo”

In 2012, during the Lasco Project exhibition, the artists Lek and Sowat had settled in the interiors of the “Palais de Tokyo”. Reproducing the process deployed during the “Mausoleum” project (a year-long clandestine artistic residence in 40 000 m² of supermarket ruins), the duo, along with Dem189, invited other graffiti-artists to participate in their project. Tracks of their presence can still be seen during guided tours on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the secret corridors of the cultural institution on 13 avenue du Président Wilson.
 © Nicolas Gzeley & Aurélien Mole

 Operation #Coexistsarcelles

Playing with the three main monotheistic religions’ symbols to deliver messages of peace, the French street artist Combo had raised awareness. CoeXisT : a Muslim crescent for the C, a star of David for the X, and a Christian cross for the T. While his exhibition at the Arab World Institute ended last 7th of Mars, the artist opened in early February the second phase of the operation #CoexistSarcelles. The piece below, made on the front of the Pauline-Kergomard gymnasium, was made with pictures of the inhabitant of the neighborhood, which were selected, enlarged and stuck together to form this now-famous slogan.
 © Combo

 The Urbex (Urban Exploration)

For those who are not familiar with urbex, the last position of our short-list is an invitation to a journey, more precisely to urban exploration. This peculiar type of tour invented in the 90s in the United States, closely tied to photography, tends to develop with the use of social networks. The activity is about visiting places built by men before being abandoned and worn out by time. Rooftops, disused fallows, catacombs… It is in these most inaccessible areas that one may find the most beautiful street-art frescos, like hidden treasures.
 © L'Urbex (Urban Exploration)
Despite the Street Art movement institutionalizing, even gentrifying, the frescos are not done invading the walls of the capital. A recent mayor decision plans on “welcoming in the public space artistic interventions benefiting all Parisians”. A monumental painting in each arrondissement is thus planned, starting with the one of the artist Noe Two, which will be unveiled next 1st of April in the 1st arrondissement.
Crédits photo : bandmeeting-cyrille.blogspot.fr, Véronique Drougard, Sebastien Michelini & Kevin Couliau, Paris la douce, Nicolas Gzeley & Aurélien Mole, L'Urbex (Urban Exploration), Greg 007 – Panoramio.com, Combo, Canal de l'Ourcq, Association le M.U.R.
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