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7 trendy concert halls in Paris
Electro, jazz, pop or rock: they offer a high-profile musical and artistic programming.

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Le Point Éphémère

Once upon a time, on the docks of the Canal Saint-Martin, there was a construction materials warehouse. The sand heaps, the bags of cement have disappeared, they were replaced by a multi-halls complex dedicated to dance, music and applied Arts: that is the Point Éphémère. Every year, it organizes over 200 concerts of indie rock, pop, folk and electro. Irremediable night-birds and music lovers of all kinds meet-up around a good bier and savor the Turkish, Lebanese and Israeli specialties of Ürben, the place’s permanent cook. In the summer, the luckiest will enjoy the rooftop but it is better to book in advance.
Next concert: 29th of March, Birth of Joy, a Netherlandish trio, 1960s-70s psychedelic rock.

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Le Carmen

A transgressive je-ne-sais-quoi remains in this former private hotel from the late 19th century, listed as historical monument, with its decadent rococo decoration, its frescos, its colonnades, its mirrors, its ceiling lights and its woodwork. Normal: it was a brothel after the Second World War. Legend has it that Georges Bizet composed his Carmen opera there. Today, it is an ultra-selective bar, redesigned by Antoine Plateau and which attracts VIPs, revelers, hipsters and other beautiful people. It is as popular as its programming is notable: DJ sets, acoustic concerts, all kinds of artistic performances.

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Les Instants Chavirés

For 25 years, les Instants Chavirés stood out as a laboratory of improvised and experimental music. With almost 2700 concerts so far, this concert hall made itself a place in the sun on the Parisian alternative artistic scene by mixing sound and visual arts. In the neighboring premises of the Brasserie Bouchoule, it presents exhibitions, plastic installations and projections.
On this month’s program:
• King Ayisoba, an artist from Ghana, will interpret traditional melodies from Accra, on the 26th of March at 9pm.
• The two-men-show formed by Schultz and Elg offers a set of short long-takes where they tackled the themes of the comic and monstrous duo, the worrying strangeness and the unsavory friendship. Video in rotation from 8.30 to 9pm on the 29th of March.

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Les Frigos

In the middle of the shining glass buildings of the new neighborhood around the François Mitterrand library, there is an old tousled mansion covered in graffiti: it is an old refrigerating warehouse, connected to the railways to supply the Halles de Paris (a former food market) and abandoned in the 70s. Today, the Frigos shelter 90 workshops dedicated to musicians, painters, actors… but also a restaurant, offices and art galleries. Ever since its transformation in artist workshops, this “village” became a major artistic pole in Paris and also a reference for contemporary art in the capital. This estate of creators and producers opens its doors to the public once a year and for art previews, shows and events.
Do not miss the next open days planned for the end May 2016.

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Le Chinois

Why Le Chinois (the Chinese)? Simply because this concert hall, unavoidable in the alternative scene of Montreuil, occupies the site of a former Chinese restaurant. Since 2014, caramelized beef and sautéed pork were replaced by a nice punk, jazz, electro and world-music programming which earned a certain reputation in the little world of Parisian night owls. The place accommodates up to 300 people: not bad for a former restaurant.
On the next few days’ program:
• Les Nuits de Pleine Lune #14, on the 26th of March: for the first time, the night will start with a play and will continue with two concerts, and a techno set.
• Electronic music on the 1:st of April at 8pm I’ve seen the future, with Alessandro Cortini.

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Le Centquatre

Le Centquatre is first of all an architectural performance: a surface equivalent to the one on the place de la République, but covered by several huge glass roofs. This complex used to belong to the undertakers of Paris, but it is no longer so gloomy, quite on the contrary. It was rearranged to welcome festivals, exhibitions, shows, concerts… Regularly, it organizes some of the unavoidable events of the Parisian artistic scene, such as the Présences électroniques et Temps d’images festivals and activities of the Nuits blanches in October.
On this month’s program:
• Séquence Danse Paris 2011, from the 22nd of March to the 13th of April. 4th edition of the focus on contemporary dance. Mandatory reservation.
• DIE POD DIE, vinyl listening session. Free, no mandatory reservation.

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Le Garage MU

At the Goutte-d’Or, the Garage MU is much more than a concert hall. It is a true artistic production office, specialized in the fields of sound and contemporary art, music and cinema. Meeting spot for more or less famous artists, the place becomes alternatively a 150 seats concert hall with a programming covering styles from garage rock/punk to techno, or an art gallery for punctual events.
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