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Lapidary, circular saw and knurling machine
The manly tools of the designer Victoria Wilmotte, who opens the doors of her VW Factory, on the occasion of the 2016 PAD

 © Noémie Goudal
Her lava-stoned table earned her the design Price at the 2014 PAD. This year, it is again with the Galerie Torri that Victoria Wilmotte will participate in the exhibition, where she will present her Corian® chimney. Determined and ambitious, the young 30-year-old creator has a passion: factories and industrial design. A path that she explored during her architecture and design lessons at the Ecole Camondo in Paris and later at the Royal College of Art in London.
“I like factories, all the hidden elements that are in the background and are only functional. There is beauty in their simplicity, in the obvious way they work, in their shape. It can be a pedal or an emergency stop foot-button protection. Their functionality make them beautiful!”, she says enthusiastically. This passion for the industrial world is also her trademark compared to other creators of her generation: “This factory universe is in many of my creations through aesthetics but also techniques. I don’t think there are many designers who as an industrial approach as much as I do. I actually set up a workshop here!”, she underlines.
 © Noémie Goudal
 © Noémie Goudal
The “VW Factory” is a large space on two floors, a miniature factory where Victoria’s tools and machines are quietly stowed next to each other, ready to shape the craziest fantasies that her imagination can draw. There is enough to cut big pieces of metal sheets, to weld all types of metals, to make precise assemblies during the welding. The inventory has the charm of a codified world that one deciphers with delectation: metal sheet shears, magnetic folder, column drill, ribbon saw for metal and for wood, welding set. A metal lathe for machining, a lapidary to deburr the pieces, a metal marble for precise assemblies during the welding, a circular saw for machining, a knurling machine to cut shapes in the metal…
“It is the objects’ functionality that make them beautiful”. Victoria Wilmotte
This is where Victoria works on steel and minerals, chalky, stone, marble, resin, ceramic… Where she builds tables, table objects, lamps… For galleries, for shops like La Redoute or Made in Design and for individuals. “I want to make objects that are beautiful, smart, that people like. I have an aesthetic approach through minerals and proportions. Others care more about an ecological approach to their work”, she explains.
And when she is asked what challenges design offers to young creators, Victoria Wilmotte reveals another one of her trademarks: her ferocious desire to create beautiful and affordable objects without simplifying design or copying. “We have to stop all these horrible furniture resellers. The problem is that we want interesting manufacturing prices. And we go to China were details and finishing are not perfect. We have to find a way to produce good quality for a cheap price. That is the challenge.”
 © Noémie Goudal
Is that a aspect the new generation of designers can renew? “Of course! You just have to have a bit of industrial cleverness. You have to understand the manufacturing, how to shape an object in a smarter way. On can think of an alternative technique: cut this shape, bang into another one. That is also what I like: these challenges!”, she claims, determined.
Rendez-vous le 31 mars pour découvrir la cheminée de Victoria et prendre le pouls de cette édition 2016 du PAD, qui célèbre ses vingt ans.
 © Noémie Goudal
 © DR
 © Noémie Goudal
 © Noémie Goudal
 © Noémie Goudal
Crédits photo : Noémie Goudal, DR
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Lapidary, circular saw and knurling machine à un ami.
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