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How we revolutionize the client experience
Personal commerce in the type of ChicTypes implies e-commerce plus ultra-personalized advice.

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When we launched ChicTypes in 2013, we started with two observations.
First of all, as it strongly developed, e-commerce brought a logistical ease for the consumer. If this type of purchase has the advantage of fluidifying the business, it has the inconvenient of circumventing human relations. Yet, during the past centuries, trade significantly contributed in the creation of links between people. “The history of trade it the history of people’s communication”, Montesquieu wrote in his time. With e-commerce, we entered a time of depersonalized business.
Besides, e-commerce gives access to an abyssal and scattered offer. With this unlimited catalog, it is harder and harder for the consumers to find their way.
Taking this double-need of personalization and selection into account, we created with ChicTypes the personal-commerce, or p-commerce. This concept defines both a personalized relation, with an adviser, so a real person, and a personalized offer. Concretely, our clients, men who want to avoid the torments of shopping, get in touch with our stylists after they registered on our website. Theses stylists, after a twenty-minute interview over the phone, try to understand the tastes and needs of the client as well as they can to offer them the most relevant selection of outfits.
The client receives at his house the case formed by the stylist and he has seven days to buy or return the articles for free, since ChicTypes works with no subscription. After every sending, the client and the stylist take stock to know what was liked and what was not, why, which cuts fit best… in order to be able to always refine the selection. Through his entire experience at ChicTypes, the client keeps the same stylist: it enables them to build a trust relation. P-commerce thus aims at reincarnating the commercial relation and at guiding the consumer where e-commerce left him on his own.
P-commerce also counts on the possibilities offered by technology to ease the client experience. At ChicTypes, our job is based on a certain process complexity to answer to an already complex value chain (outfit advice, client service, logistics, marketing, purchases). As a startup, we manage to handle it thanks to information management technologies: our ad hoc systems enable us to directly handle the stocks and the supply, to classify every product with the right level of precision, or to retrace the history of the client’s conversations and purchases. Thanks to that, we have an important logistic reactivity – we deliver in Paris in 48 hours – and we assure a client service that wants to be irreproachable.
P-commerce thus answers to the needs for efficiency, for simplicity and for conviviality. We do not see it as a simple concept but as a new distribution channel which satisfies a demand for personalized advice mixed with a connected service. In this prospect, ChicTypes tries to always go further to offer to every user the best possible service and most importantly the experience that suits him best.
Soon, our users who do not have the time to talk with a stylist should be able to fill a pretty detailed online-request. It is already possible to pre-visualize and to validate the case formed by the stylist. In a very short time, thanks to the progress in big-volume data analysis technologies, we will be able to develop powerful algorithms allowing us to optimize the association of a particular outfit to each client according to his tastes, his morphology or his purchase history, as a back-up for our stylists’ irreplaceable intuition.
Our goal is to answer to every demand regarding contact points: for those who, for instance, wish to meet their stylist, we enable our client to meet them at their workplace, during meeting sessions. Besides, we are thinking of creating a showroom in the center of Paris (as a complement for the one we already have in our offices in Aubervilliers).
Our conviction is that technology considerably eases the client experience, but that nothing replaces the personalized advice of a real human!
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Crédits photo : dR, Gunter Von Kloster Kampen, DR, ChicTypes
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