Vincent Ricordeau
Focus | 9 mai
KissKissBankBank embodies duality and complementarity in many different ways. At first, our goal was to find a way to finance musicians that we liked but that were never on the radio. But quickly enough, Adrien Aumont, Ombline Le Lasseur and myself, each with our own personality, influenced the original concept to turn it into a hybrid creation, almost contradictory. We wanted to be funny, light, and at the same time talk about money, move the lines and adopt an activist approach.
At first, it did not really cause any problem, we quietly developed our brand image and we implanted ourselves as solidly as possible in the French crowdfunding landscape. Banks did not really take it seriously and they saw us as a curiosity, a current trend or an epiphenomenon.
But the dynamic continued and the crowdfunding market boomed. Throughout the months, we quit being a startup financing artistic projects to become an important gear in a global evolution of the market. By offering an alternative view of project financing, we became what we always wanted to be: activists for a different market economy.
That is where the two-faced, almost schizophrenic aspect of KissKissBankBank was unveiled. On one side we had colorful and funny communication campaigns, with slogan like “May the KissKissForce be with you!” and on the other side, we would talk with bankers, financial analysts, politicians about the ways to transform the economy.

How to combine these two features?

The solution we found was to consider that these two supposedly contradictory aspects were part of the firm’s DNA and that none of them could be sacrificed. As KissKissBankBank got famous, people got used to seeing us play on both sides of the fence.
Vincent Ricordeau
Pdg et cofondateur KissKissBankBank
Vincent Ricordeau crée des entreprises dès l'âge de 18 ans. Il dirige aussi deux autres sites spécialisés dans le crowdfunding : Hello Merci et Lendopolis. Contrairement à l’avis de beaucoup de gens, il pense qu’il est mieux de s’associer avec sa famille. Membre de Croissance Plus
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