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3 new ways to buy art
Online or in your apartment, these new contemporary art galleries favor conviviality and intimacy.

Being an art gallery: yes. But comfortable, convivial and flexible in time in order to be as available and attentive as possible for art lovers and collectors. Online or in apartments, that is how these new kinds of gallery owners wanted to settle. Starting there, each one gave a soul to its concept.
 © Zeuxis

Zeuxis: a virtual gallery, Art Rooms and ambassadors

You want to acquire contemporary art pieces, but you don’t know where to start? Zeuxis, Amélie du Chalard’s gallery, was made for you. This digital platform launched in 2015 presents 800 pieces by 55 artists, mostly French but also German, Italian, and Asian. Paintings, sculptures, paper pieces, photographs and diverse techniques are shown around the house’s editorial line: abstraction. Pieces, between 200€ and 7000€, “with which you want to live”, Amélie du Chalard notes. To which designers’ pieces will be added soon, in a very limited edition.

Simple, didactical and complete, the website also enables the user to ask questions anytime and to get instant answers. Giving an arty gift becomes easy with the gift cards and the wedding lists it offers. All of that with a secure payment, deliveries everywhere in the world and a free return within fifteen days.

Zeuxis also has an Art Room in Paris in the 7th arrondissement, one in London in the Chelsea neighborhood and soon one in Brussels. You are received there whenever you want to see the pieces presented in a nice furnished apartment as if it were your home. Each month, an artist’s work is presented and gives rise to a preview in his or her presence. Finally, Zeuxis gives collectors the possibility to become “ambassadors” by presenting, in their own apartment, pieces of three or four artists they wish to promote. Part of the sales’ benefits they make goes back to them.

Notice for those interested: Amélie du Chalard is recruiting! Another initiative: every weekend, an auction is organized on the website. It lasts from Saturday morning to Sunday night and focuses on small pieces. Their reserve price is around 200€. You now have everything you need to jump in a collection or flesh out the one you initiated!

 © Ma Galerie / Samuel Le Paire - ADAGP, Paris

Ma Galerie: the sensitive experience in Merleau-Ponty’s style

Samuel Le Paire conceives his in-apartment gallery as a place for exchanges and meetings open to all art lovers and collectors. After working in the Grand Palais’ national galleries, in the Cartier Foundation, in the Chantal Crousel gallery and being the head of a gallery specialized in post-war contemporary art, he opened the doors of this apartment on the rue du Louvre in Paris’ 1st arrondissement in march 2012. He organizes there four exhibitions a year during which he receives by appointment or during cocktails and diners which he only conceives in small groups in order to stimulate exchanges.

For every hanging, many private collectors trust him with pieces to sell or to lend, for prices going from 5000 to 500,000€. Ma Galerie covers all the 20th century but especially from the post-war era to today. Whether they are painters, sculptors, photographers or videographers, the artists are prestigious: Vasarely, Morellet, Soulages, Fontana, Lavier, Villeglé, Hybert… and what Samuel Le Paire loves most is to make collectors live “the sensitive experience with the piece”, in Merleau-Ponty’s style, “live with it, tame it and wrap it up in subjectivity”..

Thanks to his experience, he also advises collectors. For sales, he favors amicable settlements. He also estimates the pieces’ and collections’ worth by analyzing their artistic and commercial value, between which there is sometimes a difference. For the acquisition, he tries to reconcile the clients’ tastes and their financial means, and guides them to relevant choices that will allow them to resell the piece quickly if necessary. You must at least get you outlay back. That is investment’s security before all. He is wary of trends’ effects, regrets the too numerous bad quality pieces on the market. He recommends artists whose topicality is both strong and international. And he advises the less initiated to go see modern and contemporary art exhibition every day to train their eye and to read art history.
 © Galerie Pierre-François Garcier

Galerie Pierre-François Garcier: post-war art and the Montparnasse atmosphere

Pierre-François Garcier defines himself as an art dealer and sees his job the old-fashioned way, although he is only around thirty years old. He receives collectors in a Hausmannian appartment. His favorite era: post-war. His artists (Thompson, Roche, Windorf, Coulot, Bolin, Chattaway…) were all born in the 1920s-30s. After experiencing glory in the 50s, 60s and 70s, they went out of style. For a few years, the market has regained interest in them and their popularity is nicely increasing. Pierre-François Garcier owns everything he sells.

He buys workshops’ leftovers to the artists’ families and also furnish himself at Drouot. The point is to have at least a hundred paintings per artists, to make notably a monography. Once again, this is in the historical tradition of great art dealers who reunite stock and literature. Pierre-François Garcier organizes an exhibition four times a year about an artist or an artist’s theme and, throughout the year, personalized hangings depending on the clients. You come here to return to the post-war atmosphere, from Montparnasse to Antibes, the one of Paris’ School, of the merry parties where all these artists would meet.

As for the prices, they go from 200 to 1000€ for small pieces on paper, serigraphs, original drawings and collages. 500 to 10,000€ for paintings, around 15,000€ for sculptures. Pierre-François Garcier does not focus on a financial investment oriented approach but on passion, preferring “to awake a pictorial conscience around this post-war period”..

To those who want to start collecting these artists, he advises to buy a first painting for 2000 or 3000€, to continue to see art, to read a lot, to go see auctions sometimes, to go online to then come back to him and have fun.
Crédits photo : Zeuxis, Ma Galerie / Samuel Le Paire -ADAGP, Paris, Ma Galerie / Samuel Le Paire - ADAGP, Paris, Galerie Pierre-François Garcier
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