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Design #1 –Felipe Ribon summons the hereafter to conceive objects around hypnosis and olfaction.

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Former assistant of the Bouroullec brothers, the designer and photographer Felipe Ribon conceived, in collaboration with the goldsmith craftsman Nicolas Marischael, Osmos, a solid silver fragrance diffuser inspired by the Decorative Arts Museum’s collections in Paris, for which he won the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation award.
“What interests me is to show how design can be inserted in sectors that were so far hardly exploited, by opening itself to more experimental research fields. The idea is not to imagine scenarios or utopic projects. I try, each time, to create a usable object meant for production, so that its materiality can be immediately available while also giving an answer to the tackled themes.
For the Osmos project, the object’s shape was born from technique. The fragrance burner, as it existed in the 18th century, is no longer adapted today. We discovered olfactory marbles, which don’t require any physical or chemical transformation. A draught is enough to diffuse the molecules. Osmos’ complex shape, hand-made by Nicolas Marischael by striking a silver leaf, enables thus to create this air stream capable of releasing the smell, which becomes tridimensional.”
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Felipe Ribon also imagines Mind the Gap, a furniture set designed to favor the access to hypnosis, but also ae - Psychics Objects, a collection of turning tables, mirrors made of double-reflection glass or radio frequencies’ transmitters inspired by Spiritism to stimulate our extra-sensory perceptions.

“ In the 19th century, many technological advances like telegraph were conceived, initially, to communicate with the hereafter. Technique, science and paranormal were intimately linked. Very popular at the time, turning tables were always misused daily furniture. What I find interesting here, as a designer, is to conceive a set of objects specifically designed for Spiritism.”
The young designer, who just wrote a book with the Japanese food critique and writer Ryoko Sekiguchi, is currently continuing his research around fragrance diffusion before flying away, in September, for new experimental adventures as a resident of the Kujoyama Villa, in Japan.
 DOUBLE JE, art craftsmen and artists exhibition, at the Palais de Tokyo, from the 24th of March to the 16th of May 2016.
 Felipe Ribon's website
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