Entretien | 14 oct.
4 mn
Beatrice Trussardi took the helm of Trussardi Group when she was only thirty. She explains extensively what it means to her to be at the forefront of the family business and how she is involved in contemporary art as President of the Trussardi Foundation.

Elena Carotti - You have been President and CEO of Trussardi Group since 2002, at a very young age. Which challenges did you meet?

Beatrice Trussardi - I faced the challenges one encounters in shifting from the operational level to a leadership role that demands a 360-degree vision of the entire company. It was a period of various transformations, and the context I found myself in was one of great openness to change. At the same time, though, I had to demonstrate that I was capable of being a leader, that I could rise to the expectations of the people working with me.

Some Italian luxury brands have recently been sold to foreign groups. What do you think about it?

There can be various motivations driving the head of an Italian family business to sell the activity to a foreign group. In any case, the brand is still perceived as an Italian one. When it comes to Trussardi, though, my family and I – my sister Gaia, my brother Tomaso and I are the fourth generation – all love our work and our company, and want to run the business ourselves.

What legacy would you like to leave to the company one day?

The things I’ve done: my ideas and actions, which are never autonomous, but are decisions made in agreement with my family and my collaborators. I am just one part of what we are doing to develop our brand in the future, and only posterity will be able to say what we’ve done to expand our brand.

How do you envision the future of the Trussardi Foundation, which is celebrating ten years of activity in 2013?

We celebrated our ten years of activity in Venice during the Bienniale, but we are now proceeding with business as usual and no great exploits are planned. Our next exhibition will take place in November.

If you could work with a contemporary artist who is no longer living, whom would you choose?

I’ve never thought about it, because that’s not the Foundation’s mission! We want to put the historical spaces in relation with contemporary art. Working with artists that can really see, bringing out the vision of the artist as well as of our curator Massimiliano Gioni. Both of them rethink the space and fit the works into it.
Par Elena Carotti
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