Galerie | 4 janvier
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Javier Medellin, illustrateur de mangas mexicains
Asie, vintage et exotisme, le tout plongé dans le creuset surréaliste de Mexico : c'est la recette magique du travail graphique de Javier Medellin.

My name is Javier Medellin Puyou, aka Jilipollo. I am an illustrator, art director and architect, and I am passionate about design and art. Illustration is one of my favorite arts, even if it is not considered as art nor design by many. So I guess I must be sailing in some kind of limbo between them!
I come from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and I'm currently living in Mexico city, a surreal place full of inspirations. I studied architecture, which I like a lot, but my first passion has always been illustration and that's why I work in both fields. My inspirations come from traditional Asian arts, 70's and 80's vintage and contemporary stuff, exotic icons, Mexican symbols, and I like to include girls with a strong attitude and mood sometimes when I have the opportunity. Also, a bit of humor in work is never too bad.
Ink, brush and watercolour are the techniques I use the most. Nevertheless, I sometimes experiment with other techniques, and even though I use digital techniques, I always like to include a manual touch in every work I make.
At first I embrace the subject and try to understand it as much as I can. Then I look for documentation, from books, magazines, internet... and also helping text. When I have enough information, I enter the brainstorm phase, and I try to come up with ideas - which I find as one of the most difficult parts! This can take days or just minutes, depending on the so called « inspiration ». I choose the technique, watercolour, ink or digital, according to the type of subject.
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Article paru dans le numéro #7 VOEUX
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Javier Medellin, illustrateur de mangas mexicains à un ami.
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