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“Menulis yra nulis” / “Moon is a zero”
Ausra Kiudulaite, a graphic artist from Lithuania, is inspired by both her child life and the moon.

Drawing is the only language I am comfortable with when I need to tell my story. I am an artist from Lithuania, and I still live there. My illustration pieces usually appear under the name of “menulis yra nulis” (“moon is a zero”). I studied painting in Vilnius Art Academy and for a long time I tried to run away from illustration. I was taught that content is more important than form and it took me a long time to retrieve illustration for myself. At the moment I feel totally comfortable with illustration art and I believe that even my naïve and sweet illustrations for children are not only formal pictures but create their own narrative. Sometimes my illustrations are sweet, and vulgar at the same time – maybe this is a part of my organic style: something between naïve and rough, primitive and colorful, joyful and philosophical.
A big part of my work is inspired by my child’s needs. I like educational projects because they have very clear goal and you need to find a creative way to accomplish them. And it makes you feel very steady because you know exactly what and why you are doing this.
I usually work intuitively. I cradle the idea for a while in my head and only after some time I start to see the composition and finally the colors. Maybe this also comes from my painting background. The hardest part for me is the very first attempt to draw the idea. Sometimes I get disappointed and leave it unfinished until the second attempt or simply forget about it.
My illustration method is digital from A to Z. I work with a very basic Wacom tablet. I love experimenting with textures. This is the last phase of the process which is very pleasant and relaxing after a long and sometimes rather monotonic Photoshoping.
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Article paru dans le numéro #12 MOON
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“Menulis yra nulis” / “Moon is a zero” à un ami.
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