Galerie | 4 avril
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Patrick Seymour, artiste asymétrique
Il explore la symétrie et l'asymétrie, les oppositions et leurs contraires.

Black and White lines. These two are opposites—just as Yin and Yang, sky and land, and moon and sun are. The most usual places we see them are in our clothes, in zebra lines, and in the old version of the prisoner suit. But the black and white are not as ordinary for artist Patrick Seymour.
Patrick Seymour is a Montreal, Canada-based artist who specializes in digital art, typography, and illustration.
Like other artists, he has his own ‘eye for art’ and he uses that in the different creations he makes. But what set Patrick Seymour apart from the other artists are the tools he uses for his craft. And those are, again, the black and white lines.
If you look at the works of Patrick, you will immediately feel like the illustrations are all jumping out of the screen. But if you look more closely, these are actually just simple lines that have been manipulated to create such kind of effect.
More specifically, he uses techniques to make his creations appear 3D in nature. For one, his lines are varied in terms of thickness. Some lines are thick especially for the edges while the rest are thin. In certain instances, he also uses lines that taper towards the end to also create a different effect.
Secondly, there are lines which are straight and lines that are curved. It is precisely these types that make the illustrations pop out of the canvass. Additionally, the lines curve in different directions to create a bulging effect.
According to one comment posted on his profile, “I love the way that he uses strong symmetry in conjunction with each and every line in such a strong, deliberate way, resulting in fresh takes on familiar subjects”.
And true enough, symmetry is another element that is used by Patrick Seymour in his art works. In fact, anyone who has the slightest idea or passion for arts can really see that the most basic foundation of his works is the symmetrical lines.
Indeed, the Arts is one big world whose value depends on the beholder’s eyes. But people like Patrick Seymour make it easier for people to truly appreciate design and illustrations.
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Article paru dans le numéro #17 ÉPHÉMÈRE
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Patrick Seymour, artiste asymétrique à un ami.
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